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Captain Mayhem's Revenge

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Room Difficulty: 5/10

Captain Mayhem is one of the most notorious and feared pirates in history. In 1636, leading a band of scoundrels, he set sail on The Revenge. Destined for the settlements in the New World, he vowed to conquer and destroy anyone in his way. After raiding and scuttling several Spanish galleons’ laded with Mayan treasure, Captain Mayhem’s luck soured and his fate was sealed. A violent storm proved fatal. The Captain and crew were lost.

Over the centuries, explorers have searched for The Revenge and its long lost treasure. Recently, an unidentified 17th century ship was discovered by amateur explorers. Their wild tale of an encounter with a blood-thirsty pirate captain was quickly dismissed.

While vacationing on a private island in the Caribbean, you and your group stumble upon the rotting remains of what could very likely be the infamous vessel. Upon examining the wreckage, something’s not right. Suddenly, you’re trapped! It’s the ghost of Captain Mayhem. The only way to stay alive is to locate the treasure and escape from the hold.

Will you be able to work together to solve the riddles and locate the clues that will lead to the treasure and a way to escape. Or will you join the crew in their watery grave?

Humbug's Christmas Caper

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Room Difficulty: 6/10

Ah, Christmas. Every year, the world waits for Santa Clause and his eight or sometimes nine reindeer to soar across their skies… But this year, there’s just one problem. Santa has been kidnapped! The elves at the north pole are in a state of pure chaos and confusion.

Police authorities say they have identified the culprit. Evidence has led them to believe the creature that abducted Mr. Clause is a dreaded giant “Hum”-bug. Such a detestable insect can only bode ill for the jolly old man.

If things weren’t bad enough, Santa’s workshop is in dire need of help. Luckily, you and your counterparts discover an add on cringle-list.com, and have each accepted new jobs at the north pole. Good for you!

But upon your arrival to the workshop, you find the place deserted and locked down by the anxiously tricksy elves. They have laid a trap for the humbug’s impending return to collect the ransom. You must find the location of Santa Clause, and escape the abandoned workshop before the humbug returns, and totally kills the mood with his anti-holiday antennae… or worse… abducts you too!

The Jewel Heist

For years, everyone has searched for the famous Templar Ruby, said to be the most precious and perfect stone in the world. It’s origins trace back to the Knights Templar and legend has it that it is has been hidden away in Ashton Manor for over 100 years now.

Many have tried to break in and find the ruby. Many have come back empty handed, many were arrested, and some have never returned, including famed criminal mastermind Barnaby Caper. Is the Manor booby trapped? Is the ruby really there? Barnaby believed he had figured out the Manor’s secret, but he has never returned.

Can you break into the Manor, find and steal the Templar Ruby, and make it out alive before the cops come to arrest you? You must work quickly and quietly to find the clues and solve the puzzles to find the ruby’s location. If successful – you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams! Good luck!

The Wood Shed

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Room Difficulty: 8/10

In a small town in North Carolina, there are some woods known as the Devil’s Tramping Ground. They say that dogs won’t go near the site and nothing grows in this area. Up for an exhilarating adventure you and your group head into the infamous woods for a short hike. Several hours into your adventure, you and your fellow hikers have gotten lost. With nightfall coming soon, there isn’t much time before your situation becomes dire.

Frantically searching for help, food and shelter, you come upon an ominous looking wood shed. Following the clues left behind by a previous group, you break into the shed and hole up for the night. Once inside, however, you discover that you are in the home of the notorious serial killer Zachary Klein! A legend in these parts, he is a well known psychopath that has a very unhealthy obsession with eyes and death.

This is the worst possible place you could have stumbled upon! But, now you are trapped and he could return at any moment. Will you be able to find your way out in time – or will you become Zachary’s next victims?! You must work quickly and quietly to get out before he returns. Your life depends on it! Good luck!

Jack The Ripper

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Room Difficulty: 9/10

On November 9, 1888, Mary Jane Kelly’s lifeless body was found at east end of London. It’s widely believed that she was the last victim of the notorious murderer, Jack the Ripper, who terrorised the streets of Whitechapel. Detectives worked tirelessly to solve the mystery and arrest the killer, but to no avail. The man responsible for these atrocious crimes was never brought to justice.

No one ever thought he would ever resurface…until today! Over 30 years after the slayings another vicious murder has rocked the streets of London. The remains of a woman were discovered last night in a back alley.

Eerily similar to the previous crimes, an anonymous letter reached Scotland Yard this morning. The letter announces the return of Jack the Ripper, whereby he promises to embark on another series of heinous murders. But, there is one piece of information in the letter the police haven’t released to the public. Familiar with your past involvement in these investigations, it specifically threatens to come after YOU!

Being an authority on these infamous crimes and your past work as a detective, Scotland Yard calls upon you for help and reopens the case. Armed with the letter and old evidence that was gathered from 1888, you need to work quickly to finally solve the clues and puzzles and uncover the true identity of the ripper within the hour before he kills again and makes you his next victim?

About Us

Chris & Sonya Ashton, Owners

Mind Bender Escape Rooms is owned by Chris and Sonya Ashton. Both Jacksonville natives, they discovered the excitement of escape games while visiting Orlando. The games were so much fun they decided that they wanted to bring them back to the First Coast. After months of searching for the perfect spot, they were finally able to open their first of what they hope to one day be many locations in their home town. Their dream is to share the fun and they hope you will you enjoy the games as much as they have enjoyed building them.

Focusing on the full live-gaming experience, Mind Bender Escape Rooms are a level above the normal escape game. What separates Mind Bender from the pack are the truly amazing ways you will uncover clues and puzzles. With life-like decor, authentic props and some magical ways of “escaping”, you will quickly see the difference. Come experience our rooms for yourself!​​

Escape Rooms are immersive, interactive games in which groups of up to 10 people have 1 hour to work together to find clues and solve puzzles and riddles to try to complete your objective and “escape” before the time runs out.

We have four themed rooms and each one has different puzzles, clues and themed props and décor. Our rooms even have themed lighting, sounds and other ambiance enhancers to make the games very immersive. And don’t worry – the doors are never actually locked.

The games are great for corporate team building, as well as sports teams, youth groups, etc. They are also great for date night, girl’s night, guy’s night, birthdays, bachelor / bachelorette groups… the list goes on and on. They are great for puzzle enthusiasts, riddle lovers, adrenaline junkies and more!

Book your room now and come see why Mind Bender Escape Rooms is setting the new bar for entertainment and fun in America!​​​ Conveniently located in Bowling Green, KY.

Corporate Events

Mind Bender Escape Rooms is THE #1 destination for team building activities in America! We have real-life “escape” games where groups work together as teams to find hidden objects, solves puzzles, and crack codes to “escape” within one hour. Our dedicated staff of “Escape Artists” will gladly organize your next event for groups of ten or more. We offer discounts for corporate groups looking for a unique bonding experience.

We have four themed rooms and each of them require all of the elements of good teamwork. Problem-solving skills, keen observation, and proper communication are essential in order to beat the clock and secure a victory. It is the perfect activity for corporate groups to come together for a unique, entertaining, and engaging purpose. Strengthen your team’s ability to problem-solve together and have fun in the process. Mind Bender Escape Rooms are addictive, challenging, educational, and above all else, FUN!

To book your next adventure, call one of our Corporate Events Specialists at 270-495-0251 for more information or go to our Private Events page and fill out the form.

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