January 31, 2018
9 out of 10

Room Difficulty

On November 9, 1888, Mary Jane Kelly’s lifeless body was found at east end of London. It’s widely believed that she was the last victim of the notorious murderer, Jack the Ripper, who terrorised the streets of Whitechapel. Detectives worked tirelessly to solve the mystery and arrest the killer, but to no avail. The man responsible for these atrocious crimes was never brought to justice.

No one ever thought he would ever resurface…until today! Over 30 years after the slayings another vicious murder has rocked the streets of London. The remains of a woman were discovered last night in a back alley.

Eerily similar to the previous crimes, an anonymous letter reached Scotland Yard this morning. The letter announces the return of Jack the Ripper, whereby he promises to embark on another series of heinous murders. But, there is one piece of information in the letter the police haven’t released to the public. Familiar with your past involvement in these investigations, it specifically threatens to come after YOU!

Being an authority on these infamous crimes and your past work as a detective, Scotland Yard calls upon you for help and reopens the case. Armed with the letter and old evidence that was gathered from 1888, you need to work quickly to finally solve the clues and puzzles and uncover the true identity of the ripper within the hour before he kills again and makes you his next victim?