7 out of 10

Room Difficulty

Ah, Christmas. Every year, the world waits for Santa Claus and his eight or sometimes nine reindeer to soar across their skies… But this year, there’s just one problem. Santa has been kidnapped! The elves at the north pole are in a state of pure chaos and confusion.

Police authorities say they have identified the culprit. Evidence has led them to believe the creature that abducted Mr. Claus is a cross between a "Hum" and a "Bug". They are currently working hard to apprehend this notorious humbug before Christmas is ruined!

If things weren’t bad enough, Santa’s workshop is in dire need of help. Luckily, you and your counterparts discover an add on, and have each accepted new jobs at the north pole. Good for you!

But upon your arrival to the workshop, you find the place deserted and locked down by the anxiously tricksy elves. They have laid a trap for the humbug’s impending return to collect the ransom. You must find the location of Santa Claus, and escape the abandoned workshop before the humbug returns, and totally kills the mood with his anti-holiday antennae… or worse… abducts you too!