7 out of 10

Room Difficulty

Chief Inspector:

Ah! Good! Glad to see you’ve arrived safely to Hex Manor. Thank you for volunteering for this suspiciously precarious operation. In case you’ve already forgotten, your job is to investigate the disappearance of Sally; a seven-year-old girl who’s adopted mother, Madame Hex, has been leading authorities on a wild goose chase for several months. We have reason to believe the little girl is still trapped somewhere inside the manor. Find her, but be careful. That place is allegedly haunted. The last inspector never made it back. Here’s the last recording we have of him…


Officer Barnaby: “I think Madame Hex knows I’m here! She’s coming for me! Theodore told me the only way I can- Oh, no! SHE’S HERE!! HELP ME!!! AAAAAAA-“ *click*

I’m sure you’ll be fine. Still not sure who this Theodore person is, but perhaps you’ll be able to correspond with them too while you're there. Also, super important, don’t forget, whatever you do, DO NOT...


Madame Hex: You dare trespass on my property? I am Madame Hex! In one hour, my spell will take hold and you shall all perish. In the meantime don't mess with anything. You'll never find your poor Sally again. Have a nice dea...*evil laugh*