7 out of 10

Room Difficulty

Welcome, brave souls, to Ashton Manor.

I am in need of your assistance. Supernatural forces have taken over Ashton Manor and are holding me captive. Please take heed that you are entering at your own risk. These ghostly souls are looking for mortal bodies to inhabit.

There are four bewitching ingredients you will need to find in order to escape the manor and set me free. Finding the Toad Stool, Eye of Newt, Snake Oil, and Bat Wings are your only chance of escaping with your life. Be very careful... do not make any contact with any of the supernatural forces you may encounter. Physical contact will allow them to take over and your soul will be doomed to reside here forever. You must work quickly and quietly. When the clock strike upon the hour, their magical spells will be complete. Please! Help me!