Tips and Tricks to Winning an Escape Room

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November 6, 2018
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January 21, 2019

Tips and Tricks to Winning an Escape Room

An escape room outing with friends, family or co-workers is a great way to have fun and grow in your teamwork and puzzle solving skills. One thing to remember is that not every group is going to succeed on their first try at an escape room. That’s okay! The reality is that escape rooms are designed as a challenge. However, if you are hoping for the highest chance of success, it can help to go in with a plan. We’ve put together a few tips to help you succeed when you tackle an escape room.

  • Bring a Friend – Working with a team of people you know, rather than strangers will lead to a higher success rate. Book an adventure with your friends, co-workers or family, but don’t expect to go in with just one or two people and get matched up with strangers and have the highest rate of success.
  • Share Information – When you figure something out, share it and share it loudly. Make sure the whole team knows the information. You never know who it might help.
  • Spread Out – Don’t crowd around one puzzle trying to solve it–spread out and try to tackle the room as a whole. You’ll cover more ground this way.
  • If You Get Stuck, Move On – Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is best. Don’t get sunk in and stuck on a puzzle–let someone else try and use your brain power elsewhere. This can help save time.
  • Be Organized – Keep a pile of objects that have already been used, keys that have and haven’t been used, and so on. This can keep people from wasting time on objects that likely have no use or purpose.
  • Listen to the Host – The information disbursed at the beginning of the event is important. In fact, you may find that there are some clues mixed in there somewhere. Don’t ignore this!
  • Keep it Simple, Silly! – Remember, not every puzzle is going to have a deep, hidden meaning. Sometimes the simple answer is the right one. Don’t discount an answer because it seems too obvious.

With these tips, we’re sure you’re ready for a challenge! Check out the incredible adventures available at Mind Bender Escape Room in Jacksonville, Florida and Bowling Green, Kentucky. We’re always working to bring something new and exciting for you to experience.


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